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WE ARE GOLDEN - Of the People, By the People, and For the People

June 07, 2021 Town Hall Presentation

Golden Town Hall Presentation.pdf

Part 1 Town Hall June 7, 2021 - This is the part where the items from the PowerPoint are presented

Part 2 of the Town Hall June 7, 2021 - This is where the Q&A with the attorney begins

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How??

Golden, Kansas

  • Letting residents plan their own development future by giving them a vote and representation

  • Protecting the right to farm

  • Preserving property values for all

  • Saving taxpayers money by preventing crime and wear/tear on roads

  • Cap on taxes at 3 Mills (UNLESS MORE REQUESTED BY COUNTY - we are changing nothing but our incorporation status. So nothing we are doing will cost the County any more money but theoretically would save them money by reducing wear and tear on the roads and preventing an influx of crime. Therefore they should not require any more taxes.)

  • No services change - same fire, same water, same sheriff, same road maintenance, same schools, same septic systems, same use you're currently enjoying.

  • Our mayor and 5-member council come from residents who live here and who are affected by any changes; therefore, we protect ourselves from being infiltrated by corruption and greed. We get to have a say in approving future developments that are a fit for all and denying those that are a nuisance, incompatible, or dangerous to our way-of-life and detrimental to our property values.

  • Conserving the Hillsdale Watershed, lake, and wildlife

This is not a city formed by "them" wanting to change what you have, charge lots of taxes, or ruin your ability to develop your land or pass it on to your family. This is a city formed by "us", the citizens, to protect what you have; so that you have a vote in the matter and so that you preserve your asset and property values to pass on to your family - all while continuing your quiet enjoyment in using it until then.

We are not trying to force anyone to be involved. We are looking to stand together in unity, exercising our State rights to the full extent in order to protect all constitutional rights - including having a representative government, property rights, and due process. The map is a proposed boundary. This is not about forcing anything on anyone. It is about protecting us all by exercising our legal rights to save our property rights and the future of this area. We are stronger together.


WE are Golden - not someone else miles away voting for their vision of our area, destroying our property rights and due process.

WE vote

WE decide

WE protect and preserve our rights

The background behind the formation is quite detailed and requires some basic information about annexations and other concerns.

Please take 38 minutes and watch the informational video below. This will help you understand what we're doing and why.
It also covers most of the basic questions regarding how the process takes place and how it will affect us as property owners.

We cannot write any laws yet because we are not a city and nothing we do before incorporation would be binding. However, we can discuss the ideas so everyone has an understanding of what to expect.

  • There will be right-to-farm laws, protecting farmers and our agricultural community.

  • We will have traffic ordinances to protect our roads and safety from intermodal traffic.

  • We will maintain our ability to enjoy our current way-of-life and how each individual chooses to enjoy their land will not change.

  • We will not allow an intermodal district or large warehouses.

  • We will honor the Hillsdale Watershed and the rural residential character we all love.

  • We will vote on smart development that is a fit with rural residential and the Hillsdale Lake watershed

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